City Walking

Hello, I am going to just come straight out with it. I have the worst feet when I comes to shoes and comfort. I struggle to find a pair of shoes that I can wear all day while walking around. When you add the factor of 30C heat it is not making the choice easier. […]

Paris Part 2

Well I would have blogged while I was in Paris but I just didn’t have time! Annie and I made the most of every second. Some of which was spend tending to our horrendously sore feet after walking the length of Paris! We arrived on the Monday, suitcases in hand and had to pace through […]


I have always wanted to go to Paris. To see the sights, to eat the macaroons, to watch the people. Hat has to be on of my favourite past times. People watching, I think that is what I enjoyed the most about the idea development side of film making. The change to watch people and […]