City Walking

Hello, I am going to just come straight out with it. I have the worst feet when I comes to shoes and comfort. I struggle to find a pair of shoes that I can wear all day while walking around. When you add the factor of 30C heat it is not making the choice easier. […]

Essentials. Summer all the way to Fall!

Essentials. Summer the all the way to Fall! by hollie featuring a leather pouch Striped top$67 – T shirt$61 – Relaxed tee$66 – Collarless blazer$195 – Tailored blazer$150 – Cropped denim jeans$94 – Wide collarless shirt$80 – Mini skirt$93 – Elastic waist shorts$76 – Birkenstock […]

Winter Favourites

Now it is coming into winter we all need to get those perfect new wardrobe staples. Something special for a night out or a cosy coat for a day shopping. I have collected my new favourites to let you have a look. If you have any others let me know, I might have missed something! […]