Even the slightly imperfect makes a difference…

This is what I am doing!

It can be hard when everyone is talking about becoming zero waste and sustainable to think of ways that you can make a difference. To think of things that you can change easily. The automatic reaction is to try and change everything which causes a wave of panic when you open your fridge and it is full of plastic ad you feel like you allow are going to cause the end of our planet as we know it.

The truth is, as long as a number of us change some things we will be making a difference.

I decided to take a moment and look around my house to see places where I already make a difference; for example, I already use a shampoo bar to minimise plastic waste. I use the Lush Soak and Float Bar, not only is it plastic-free, as I have written out before, it clears up my scalp Psoriasis – like a dream! It is the only shampoo that clears it up completely.

I then stopped and thought about a few things that I could change to make a difference, these are the options that I came up with;

Use reusable cotton pads for removing my makeup

I use a face cleanser from Lush called Ultrabland to remove my make up each night, you massage it over your whole face and then wipe off. I use a face cloth to start with for my face but for my eyes, I still use cotton pads. I also use toner water in which I wipe over my face with cotton pads. If I invested in reusable cotton pads I could continue the same routine that I love so much without the production of a large quantity of harmful waste.

Use beeswax food wraps instead of clingfilm or foil

I feel like my kitchen could create less waste. I use foil most days for packing up lunches, covering baking trays or wrapping up unused food.

Change to Unpaper instead of using kitchen roll

I use kitchen roll on a daily basis to clean the sink out and wipe the hob after cooking. The use of unpaper would reduce this but the question is would it increase the number of times the washing machine is put on.

Bulk Shopping instead of high street supermarkets

It is no secret that high street supermarkets use far too much plastic, and at times even when you try, it can be impossible to not get home with piles of plastic that will get binned in the coming days.

These all have pros for the environment but it doesn’t mean that we have to go out and do them all as of today. I think I will go for reusable cotton pads and possibly the beeswax food wraps. The unpaper towel makes me feel like my washing machine will never be off and the bulk shopping can be quite pricy as it isnt readaly available. I want to move towards these things but it isnt completely neccasery for now, at least I will be doing something!

You should have a look at the examples above and do some research for yourself; there are loads of things out there that would be a small change to you. However, if a lot of us make small changes will be better for the planet than only a few of us making significant changes.

If you can make significant changes go for it but if you can’t for whatever reason don’t panic, do what you can and the planet will thank you for it.

Love always

Hollie x

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