How To Get That Summer Glow! And not flare up your psoriasis.

There is nothing better, when the sun is shining, than having the sun kissed glow to go along side it. However you don’t have to lay out in the sun on a tropical beach to achieve the look. In fact you can do it instantly overnight! Even in rainy, dull Scotland!

There is nothing I like more than the dewy glow that the summer months bring! So much so that it is my all year round look. I don’t wear lots of make up day to day. I’m terrible for touching my face therefore too much makeup on my face ends up with make up on my hand and then on my cloths, handbags and the car steering wheel.

Each summer that comes and goes brings with it new products so I have complied my must haves for summer 2018. And Autumn 2018, Winter 2018, Spring 2019…

So what are they I hear you ask?!

Get a solid base! You are not going to get a dewy glow with dry tired skin, which as a psoriasis suffer I know too well.

My cleaning and moisterising routine for the morning consists of:

Nivea Micellier Water (not in the picture above)

Lush Eau Roma Water Toner Water

The Ordinary Vitamn C Suspension + HA Spheres (wash your hands well straight after this, or the Vitamin C will dye your hands like you have just put on fake tan.)

Nivea Daily Moisturiser

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Now time to get your glow on!

Lush Skin Tint Carisma

Lush Skin Tint Feeling Younger

(I mix these together to make a foundation like base)


Finally top up with natural, glow enhancing make up. I use:

Wake Me Up Concealer

Dior Brow Styler

MAC Mascara or Clinique Waterproof Mascara

Fenty Universal Lip Illuminator


I use all of the above on a daily bases, I do however, like to have what I classify as a spa shower at the weekends. One of those showers where you add in all the extras; exfoliating, shampooing twice, the conditioner that you leave on for a few minutes- you know the type of shower! Basiscal not the shower that is a mad panic in order to get to work on time.

It is during these showers tha I opt for a slightly more luxurious skin glow routine. Note to anyone that like me that sometimes can’t be bother putting on makeup on a Sunday because all you are dong is sitting round the house, this one gives your skin such a glow that all you’ll need is mascara, a little eyebrow pencil and lip gloss (oh and if you haven’t tried the Fenty Universal Lip Illuminator, then what have you been doing!)

So the luxurious summer glow routine that I have been using contains the following:

ESPA Optimal Skin ProCleanser

ESPA Hydrating FloralSpa Fresh

ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum

ESPA Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser

The only reason I wouldn’t opt for this routine everyday is; cost, time and psoriasis. Anyone suffering will know that certain products are great and others irritate over time. For anyone currently suffering from a flare up I would recommend sticking with LUSH and Nivea for now.

Now go Glow!

Love always Hollie x

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