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Fussy Eater? No, Flexitatian

Flexitarian /noun: A vegetarian that can’t live without crispy bacon.

A lot of people think I am a fussy eater. Sometime I eat chicken but only if I have cut off all the yucky parts first. Sometime I eat bacon but only when it is crispy. I have another name for this – Flexitarian.

I have been eating a ‘Flexitarian’ diet since I can remember. I have an issue with the texture of meat. I think it was a grizzly bit of sausage meat that finished my meat eating days. Now I do still eat meat but with caution. Bacon when it is crispy, chicken when I cook it, and mince when it has been broken down into tiny pieces.

I have decided to focus Hello it’s Hollie on a Flexitarian Diet for now. Offering recipes, restaurant reviews and tips for eating in and out as a Flexitarian.

I would have to say, credit to my family, that growing up we ate dishes and meals from countries all round the world. So in honor of that I have decided that we will kick off Hello it’s Hollie’s Flexitarian Diet posts with a month dedicated to a cuisine. I have planned June – September so far and here is what is in store:


So first up is Japanese Month. This is a great excuse for me to eat Ramen and Gyoza until I burst!

All welcome – Vegetarians and Meat Eaters a like.

Love always Hollie x

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