Feeling Drained?

Feeling drained? You’re not alone.

I had a conversation recently with one of my best friends about work and life. It was an interesting conversation because it showed how at 25/26 years old in 2018 we are fighting to get to where we want as quickly as we can. Frankly it doesn’t happen like that, we can hope it does but it doesn’t. When you are 18 and heading to uni you think by 25/26 I will be at the top of my industry, settled, with a home I am proud of and a nice car to drive about in. If only that was true, 25/26 doesn’t creep up on you, it is sudden! One minute you are walking into uni for your first day and the next minute you are 25, working from the sofa, eating Domino’s out the box just so you can get enough off your to do list for the next day. But we don’t complain, you don’t get anywhere if you don’t put in the hard work and the hours!

I often hear people saying ”why don’t you go out?”, ”you need to take some time off” or ”put your work phone away, it’s the weekend”. For me, work doesn’t finish at 5.30 when I walk out the office door, my full-time job industry does work like that and blogging doesn’t work like that either. However, unlike some people that doesn’t bother me. I quite like working, blogging isn’t a job for me and my full-time job is something I enjoy. My mum once got me an iPad when I was about to leave uni that had an engraving on the back, it read:

”do a job you love and you will never work a day in your life”. 

It’s a really true statement. Granted not every day is full of fun, there is always going to be tasks that have to happen that aren’t what you love to to. However, if there is one thing in your day that helps you get out of bed you can’t ask for more. I remember when you would be going on a school trip and getting out of bed felt much easier than every other day – I want every day to be a school trip day!

I once attended a conference in which the opening talk was from a motivational speaker who spoke about being a teacher on his first day at school and the staff room being full of people who didn’t want to be there. People who moaned about every aspect of their job the people the place; the work. He then spoke about one individual that walked into the room and lit it up – “she was like Mary Poppins” he said, she floated in and had a glow about her. She was was actually happy to be there. She actually enjoyed her job. He said it was that moment that he decided that he wanted to be a Mary Poppins because there wasn’t enough in the world. This really hit home with me as I have always set out to be the Mary Poppins, it is exhausting being anything else.

I think it is when you are determined to be the Mary Poppins and putting in the hours that you feel liberated by your job but we are all guilty of letting ourselves loose our glow and that is when putting in the hours then becomes draining.

To be honest it isn’t a bad thing fully as it lets you realise how much further you can push yourself under pressure. I happen to be someone that works better when under pressure. But I am also someone who loves there job therefore the pressure isn’t too much, I know how to do my job and I enjoy the challenge of being put under pressure.

However, back to the point of this blog,  which was about being 25 and drained and not loving your job but maybe I’ll write something else on that as I really do feel strongly about it.

I felt the most drained I have in a while last week, it really is exhausting balancing work, life, family and friends. Unfortunately for my friends they seem to take a back seat but only because my family are right there and I live with them. And I know anyone that is a parent will say I know nothing as I don’t have kids – and that is fine. I’ll take that. I do find it exhausting working on a full time (and a little more) job, starting up and keeping up a blog, life stuff like going to the gym and sorting clothes for going on holiday as well as see my family and friends so that they don’t think I have fallen off the face of the earth. I was so exhausted though that for the first time in my life I have started to drink coffee! Not something I ever thought I would do, I usually stick to Green Tea or Herbal Tea and avoid drinking milk as it makes me feel yuck. I gave in through, I had had a busy few weeks and during week 3 of early mornings and late nights with little down time I was sat in the car after a 6-7 am gym session feeling like I could have shut my eyes there and then and slept for days – I knew this wasn’t an option, 1 because life ins’t going to stop for me to have a nap and 2 I was parked in Edinburgh city center and the traffic wardens are ruthless and I would have over stayed my 3 hours maximum stay. So I headed to Starbucks for a coffee – granted I had no idea what I was going to ask for but I went in and took the bull by its horns and ordered an espresso – I am now sitting here with a mini cafetiere topping up as I write.

Anyway, feeling drained? Good. As long as you are working towards your goals, put the kettle on and get on with it. Don’t work yourself into the ground but push yourself. You will never know how truly capable you are until you push yourself out of that comfort zone.

Love always Hollie x


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