Next Level – Stage 2

Week 3 and 4 have come and gone far too fast.

Coming to the end of week 4 and I wish I could rewind to week 1! Never thought I would say that but here I am.

These two weeks have been the hardest mentally though. We worked on deadlifts in week 2 and it shook me a little. I think I can honestly say that at no point in my life, as of yet, I have been faced with my mind and my determination coming face to face. I will no doubt speak about this in more detail during week 5 and 6 but I was surprised how much of a shake it gave me. A shake that showed me that my mind is a lot more powerful in a negative way than I thought it could ever be. As someone who believes so strongly in a positive mindset, it was scary.

Physically these weeks weren’t the worst. Week 3 saw chest press make an appearance which I’m not going to lie revealed a weakness in my triceps and pain in my chest muscles that I haven’t experienced before. I had never thought about chest press being anything more than an exercise for your chest muscles but little did I know how much of the work my lower body would do.

Week 3 saw HIIT step it up and I actually started to enjoy it. Week 3 was the week my work had a birthday party for the company on a Tuesday night, the old me would have cancelled my 7 am gym session on Wednesday but the new me wasn’t giving in! I’m not going to pretend I didn’t feel pretty crap when I arrived but by the time I had showered after I felt amazing! It was the best feeling, especially considering half the office was still hungover.

Week 4 was time for the weights and strength training to pick up the pace. Say hello to supersets and sweating more then you do during cardio! I struggle at the best of times to feel like I have really worked my glutes, during the last few weeks I have seen an increase but nothing like I felt when I tried to walk up the stairs at work the morning after. I would believe you if you told me there was 3 times the amount of stairs to the office that morning! They went on forever!!!

All in all week 3 and 4 came off well and allowed me not to feel guilty in packing my bag and heading off to a weekend at Loch Lomond full of food, relaxation, good company and a few glasses of wine!

Love always

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