‘New Year, New Me’ – More Like Time I Made A Change


So this is part one of my journey. I use the word journey strongly as there is a change I will run out of fuel at some point, need a pit stop for an unhealthy service station snack and probably need some help on getting my vehicle (body and mind) into working order. I have enlisted the expertise, knowledge and support of 2 personal trainers that have started a group fitness and mindset program at a gym in Edinburgh. I spotted the ad on Instagram around November and I knew by December I would be feeling like a whale and looking like one too – okay, not quite but I felt like i did when i looked in the mirror and put on my leather trousers – of which if anyone is thinking of getting some are almost impossible to breath in, for those of you with a pair I imagine you know exactly what I am talking about.

I am going to try and document each week of the course Alan and Euan (the PTs running the program) have put together – Next Level. Which isn’t going well so far as I am 2 weeks in. However I am going to do my best to write a post each week to allow you to read how my mindset and fitness improve (I say hopefully, although I have a lot of faith in Alan and Euan – these guys know what they are talking about). I am also going to be completely honest with you all as there is no point reading a fake post on weight loss and fitness – that isn’t going to help anyone and you know me I love to help! note: look back for my post on Lush products – I’ve heard it’s my most useful post.

I need to stop waffling (see Euan, I told you so) and get started. I am going to breakdown the posts – 1. so they are easily defined and 2. so I make sure I get the most info to you on each topic/subject.



Week 1

Day 1 (First Session) – I felt sick! I’m not going to sugar coat it. I hardly slept and when I did sleep I dreamed of sleeping through my alarm. The post-Christmas binge me was getting a disapproving look from pre-Christmas binge me – one of those looks that say, you knew it was coming, you got carried away and you didn’t need to eat all that chocolate, you weren’t even hungry you just ate it for the sake of it!

But I got up at 5.45am – I go to bed early but this was a shock to the system – thankfully I’m a pretty good morning person. I had packed everything the night before, to the point, it was in the car already, Clothes for work – Check; Breakfast – Check; Lunch – Check. I got dressed and jumped in the car. Banana in hand and pump up music to hand. I had my music up super high and to get wake and motivated I just sang my heart out all the way there! I actually really enjoyed it – might think about taking up 6 am motivational drives.

So I was there first – as always, I cant be late, it makes me feel sick. In fact, if I have to be an hour early and sit and wait I will! Thankfully most of the ladies (Fitness Sisters – I’m not sure if there would be happy with that – if you are reading this and you are at the program let me know if this is okay or not) were also nervous and I have to give it to Alan and Euan they dealt very well with a group of nervous ladies. Now I am not going to share the ladies comments, feeling or experience as we are all in the program to have our own journey, I am sharing mine with my readers because I am happy to but it is a very personal thing so I won’t be sharing any of their stories or experiences unless they ask me to.

So I am waffling again ( I told you Euan, I am the queen of waffle) I’ll break it down easily

Pre Session – Nervous

During Session – positive and supported – As I will go on to say – the girls on this program are amazing! I say it a lot but I love when women support each other, sometimes we need someone who has spoken to them self in the way we speak to ourselves to tell us to stop!

Post Session – Motivated and slightly high!


Day 2 – I was still high, it was strange, I was in a cloud of happiness from working out and working out properly again. It is really underrated how happy working out makes you feel.


Day 3 – (First HIIT Session) – this was the day I was dreading, but I jumped out of bed did the same routine as Day 1 – dressed, Banana, car, Music up Loud, personal concert all the way to town and I arrived at the gym half an hour early! Always early.


Day 4 – There is only one word for how I felt on day 4 – sore. No actually there is two words – very sore! It was great though – which is strange to say but it felt like it worked! In the process of asking the ladies over Facebook how to ease the pain – because I was walking strangely and people at work were staring at me. I have learnt what the pain is though and it is worth sharing if you are reading this currently with the same feeling. The pain is DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) which is usually at it’s worse 48 hours post-exercise – this was 24 hours after for me so made me want to cry slightly.


Day 5 – empowered and energised- full of walking, peddling (this is mostly just to keep moving more than anything)


Day 6 – Chill day – and it was nice to shut off for a day


Day 7 – This is a prep day for me. Walk with the dog, Ice Cream (because I could) and prep for the gym session. It feels so much better when you head to bed and every thing is


And because I’m behind on these posts…

Week 2

Day 1 – I felt excited by the start of a new week. My focus has been on work for a while now and it is nice to get up in the morning with another focus. I like to have fresh things to focus on I feel it keeps my attention and motivation high. Again I bounced into work following the session but I couldn’t help but feel a little deflated – I used to be able to deadlift more than I was capable of this time round and although I know in my head that it is because I haven’t trained in a good while the little devil on my shoulder was turning that into “I have let all my progress from before go”. I pride myself on the power of my mindset to over come these things but I couldn’t help but have that pop up once or twice in my thoughts through out the day.


Day 2 – I felt the pain and stiffness in different places this time and it kind of gave me a buzz. The pain represented improvement in those areas and I liked that thought! I liked that thought a lot.


Day 3 – this was HIIT session 2 and it was hard. I have to say this is where my fitness level feels low. I find it hard but it is an area I am really keen to improve in. After the session I felt f*****d! My whole body felt exhausted.


Day 4 – I woke up expecting to be sore, I carefully sat up…nothing. I carefully stood up…nothing. I slowly started to walk round the bed…nothing. Happy days!! I was happy though as it was this evening that I was going to get an extra session in – we’ll i say that, and I went and met Kirsty and we worked out but she gave a lot more to the workout than I did. I felt really nervous out hitting the gym at that time of the day and it was busy.

Note to self – next time put more effort in! The only person that can help you is you. So do it for you!


Day 5 – I had a bit of a rest day from working out or any exercise this day. But I had a crazy day with work and then visiting my school to speak to 2nd years about careers which meant my day just disappeared. I found that once I was out of my zone – ie. my desk or home, I struggled eating well. I must improve on this or it could catch me out


Day 6 – this was my chill day again. I walked the dog like I always do – I don’t usually count that as exercise but other than that no workout. Saturdays are for relaxing and enjoying the weekend.


Day 7 – Prep day again. Snowed mid morning so it was a 30 minute house workout and a dog walk for the day. Every Sunday (day 7) I get nervous and excited for the next week. It’s a strange feeling. Butterflies and excitement.


Strength: Over the two weeks so far I have really enjoyed getting a chance to go over technique properly. I keep doing random squats when I find myself in front of a full length mirror – might not sound like often but in my house it’s everywhere I turn. Also the bathroom radiator is mirrored so I do them while I brush my teeth too – every little helps!

HIIT: over the two weeks so far I have found this the hardest yet most rewarding training session. I hate getting out of breathe – it is one of the reasons I hated fitness, I started when fitness was cross country running at school. But I find it rewarding now, back then I would just give up but now I have realised the feeling after. I have realised what I gain from the experience. I wish I could go back and tell the 11 year old me to give it a try and see how it feels after.



I have a strong belief in mindset. I challenge anybody not to overcome nerves and anxiety with the right tools to manage mindset. Your mindset is your power. It is your tool to succeed. I have spoken in the past about deep breathes and coming your mind. It works, I’m not lying. I use it for everything; work, social life and turning up to the gym.

Do it right now and see how it makes you feel. Close your eyes, take a deep breathe through your nose – focus on breathing right deep in your stomach, now breathe out through your mouth and imagine all your stress and anxiety exiting your body.

How did it feel?

Better i I know because I just did it while writing this and it calmed me.

Now as I write this the clock is ticking and I’m up at 5.30am to get ready for the gym.

Love always

Hollie x


p.s it is not all about weight loss but it shows something

Week 1: – 4lbs

Week 2: – 3lbs

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