How to succeed at life at 25 years old.

First things first: stop panicking!
Take a deep breath…in…out…

Okay, now that we are calm and in the right frame of mind to sort out our point of view, we can start.
I’m 25 years old and I know exactly how you are feeling. By any chance do you feel:
1. Panicked about work – like you aren’t in the job you thought you would be by 25?
2. Worried about money – why is there a monster in your bank account that eats all your money when you aren’t looking?
3. Stressing about a house – how do you save for it because you have the monster in your account? How will you get a mortgage because you haven’t got the job you wanted to have? And how will you manage to afford enough rooms for all the ideas you have saved on Pinterest?!

The fact is times have changed. At 25, my mum was married and had a house. She was building her way up a successful career path and was enjoying holidays in the sun. That just doesn’t happen these days – well to some people it does, but not to me and if you are here reading this, then I doubt it’s you either.

Let’s break it down for ourselves.

1.Panicked about work
There is no need to be. You have so much time left, the chances are you only started working a few years ago after university and if you are like me you went into a job that wasn’t really you. I am lucky enough to have found my path and I am heading down it at speed, but when I was 18 and leaving school, I pictured being 25 as me turning up to my dream job every morning. I have learned one thing this year, and that’s that it doesn’t matter that you are not in your dream job – you would have a lot of years to get bored if you were in it already – and anyway they keep raising the pension age so you will have a lot longer to go than before. At 25, our life is going so fast and it doesn’t stop; work, friends, family, relationships, holidays, etc. It is time to relax and enjoy this roller-coaster of being 25, just work hard and see where life takes us.

2. Worried about money
Along with not having our dream job at 25, we aren’t getting our dream salary either. Everything seems to disappear from my account before the second week of the month. Hands up…I do have payments that I maybe don’t need – such as Netflix, Now TV, Apple Music, HayU…the list goes on. But I need something to fill in the time that I spend at home because going out for dinner makes my monster even more hungry! The truth is everything is more expensive these days and I know all our parents and grandparents say is ..”but you get paid more these days” – I most certainly do not feel like that is true for me. I have started something old school that is working a treat though – a big fat spreadsheet! It may sound like a drag to have to put together and fill in, but it will help you keep track. So when you forget about your best friend’s birthday, you have money to buy them the gift that’s perfect for them! Give it a try, the monster will not leave your bank account but it might help you keep track of what he is eating!

3. Stressing about a house
When you get to 25, you are either: at home wishing you had your own place; renting and wishing you had your own place; or living with a partner and wishing you could move somewhere new and have your own place together. I am the first. Which is one of the better options in my mind because I am not currently paying for someone else’s mortgage while trying to save for mine. As well as the added benefits of: there is always food in the house that I didn’t pay for; heating that I don’t have to worry about the cost of; and electricity to charge all the devices that I can watch the services I have actually paid for on (eg. Netflix, NowTV etc.). But saving is hard, as we know from the above, and then you forget about all the extras you need to save for on top of your deposit: legal fees, furniture, paint if you need it. My advice on this is to go seek advice. I know that’s a bit of a cop out but I did admit at the beginning of this I am 25 too – I’m still learning the ropes. Chat to your mum and dad, see what they did, what they learnt when they bought their first house – and find a family member or family friend that maybe works in that area who maybe knows more about how it works today and what the market is like. And if I can give you any more advice it is – take your time! Don’t rush, its a big deal and you don’t want to make a mistake.

Remember one thing from this post – 25 isn’t as old as you think and you have time to make the right decisions and not rush. Learn from every experience that you have, good or bad, learn from every job role you work in, dream role or not, and most of all keep an eye on that money eating monster – he is the worst!


Love always

Hollie x

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