Lush-You Saved Me From Psoriasis

I am going to take you back to November. (cue the wiggle effect screen)

I am living the life of hell. I can’t tie my hair up, I can’t wear it down either. I scratch my head without even knowing I am doing it and I constantly have to brush the white flakes off my shoulders. I feel like my head is burning and itchy all the time and I am getting snappy with it. The reason for my hell – Psoriasis.

My dad has it but until a year before this November neither had I really. I don’t know what triggered it. And in fact, I don’t ever really want to know as I’ll just be worried about that triggering it again. Instead, all I wanted was an answer.

I tried everything the doctor gave me, the problem being it didn’t really work. It was a lot of hard work, it made my hair greasy – which is the last thing I needed when I already hated it for being the way it was. I searched high and low. Every night I would google for suggestions on how to clear it up. I tried rewording what I was saying every night trying to find the answer – it had to be out there somewhere!

Well, I found it. Just like that. I was doing my usual – google then go through each result in hope. And there it was – “Lush products cleared my psoriasis”. I had always avoided LUSH products as I thought they were all perfumed bath bombs. I was very sceptical but I was at the point where anything was worth a try. I couldn’t live with it much longer.

So at first I just bought a few products but slowly added more over the course of a few weeks.Below is a rundown of the ones that really worked. Mix and match as you please and find what works for you if any – I just know they saved my life – please be aware that I also stopped drinking alcohol during this time as I was aware that it flared up when I had a glass of wine or two.

1. Roots Hair Treatment
This is a life saver. It contains three types of mint and gives a cooling feel to your head when applied. If you suffer like I did then you know that a cooling effect is the feeling of dreams. You can massage it into the scalp and then wash it out 20 minutes later. When I first started using it my scalp was really bad so I would put it in at night and not wash it off until the morning.

2. Dream Cream
This cleared all patches on my skin and made me feel like I had had a pamper day every morning before work. It’s luxurious and rich texture makes you feel special which is a nice change from hating your skin when going through a really bad flare up.

3.Soap and Float Shampoo Bar
If you haven’t used a shampoo bar you are missing one of the best things in life. It is a miracle worker!! It lasts forever – okay, maybe not forever but at least 3 months for me while washing my hair twice each shower and on average every other day (I have never washed my hair every day for a period of time and I swear that’s the answer to good hair).

4. Sultana of Soap
This is like a soothing dream all rolled into a bar topped with Sultanas. It has a soothing effect that you can only hope for every morning.

5. Super Balm
This is the best product you will find if you have severe Psoriasis on your scalp. You rub it into thick scale patches and leave it for a while then wash it out. Warning this takes a few washes to get out of your hair if a lot is applied but the Soap and Float bar works wonders for this. Also, I sometimes leave this in overnight to allow it to really work.

6. Ultrabalm
I just want to quickly mention Ultrabalm too. It can be used on anything, from lips to Psoriasis. I find it equally great as a lip balm as I did for clearing the small patches on the top of my arms.

(cue the wiggle effect screen) And we are back in April 2017 and my skin has completely cleared up. I am starting to return some alcohol to my life but with being on a diet it’s not really worth it. Now and then I use the roots hair mask before a shower but I have kept the Soap and Float shampoo bar and the Sultana of Soap in my daily routine. Once a week I use the Dream Cream.

I would have never tried the Lush products if it wasn’t for the article I read. Now that I know these products work for me they will be my go to if I have any future flare ups.

I hope there are some of you out there that have found this as helpful as the article I read and you can start to find your way out of the hell of Psoriasis.

I promise there is a way out.
Love Always
Hollie x

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