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So I am not a heavy makeup person. I only really wear foundation when I am going for a dinner or out for drinks. I am more of a BB Cream girl and I love a dewy natural look. I have decided to open up my make up bag and give you an insight into what I think are the best products for a natural look.

It wont take you long to realise that all the make up in my bag is from Dior, this is because I love their products. They really work with my skin and I love the natural yet flawless look that they create.

So without further ado – My Make Up Bag:


1. A Good Base

You need to have something that helps your skin appear flawless if you are going to go for a minimal look. This Dior Hyrda Life Close Up Pore Reducing Pro-Youth Moisturizer acts as a moisturiser and a primer. It smells nice and has a pink colour to it.

I sometimes put a sun screen on under my Hydra Life Close Up to protect my skin – I know, comical seeing as I live in Scotland. But my point is that the Hydra Life goes on top of it really well so you can stick to your own moisturiser first if it really works for you.


2. A Natural Look

The trick to a natural look is not to cake on your foundation therefore I use BB Creme as it has a lighter texture and it comes through in the look as being more natural. The Dior Hydra Life BB Creme is great as it does have the ability to be layered for more coverage.

I have been buying this product for years and I wouldn’t change it for the world!


3. Cover those bags

Although we want a natural look here we don’t want dark circles under our eyes and blemishes to take away from our flawless look. The answer is DiorSkin Star Counceler. It gives a enough coverage to hit the dark circles but keeps it dewy as to not make your eyes look dry.

When I do use foundation I use the Star foundation as it also has the dewy finish and is not too matte.

4. Check those High Cheekbones

I love a natural look but I like to add defanition to my face – you know highten those cheekbones and streamline that nose! The DoirBlush Sculpting Stick Duo is your answer to all of that. It has a bronzer/countour end and a highlighter/illuninator end. Now I dont want to be the bearer of bad news but this was a limited edition product. I am hoping that if enough of you ask about it that they might bring it back. I’m scared for the day that mine runs out!


5. Eye Time

I chop and change my eye routine daily from wearing both eye liner and eye shadow to just wearing eye liner or eye shadow – it depends on how I feel. Some days all you need is a few sweeps of mascara and you feel great. Go for what you feel like – you will still acheive the natural look with all or nothing.

My go to mascara for a full lash that is lifted to the sky is the DiorShow Iconic Overcurl. The one I have at the moment is the normal one but come summer I will be purchasing the waterproof as it stays on better when traveling, at the beach or on a warm day. It is a great mascara for staying in place and it lasts all day.


From time to time I will wear heavier eye shadow but for my natural look that I wear most days I opt for the DiorShow Fusion Mono Matte eye shadow in Songe. It has a creamy texture and goes on smooth. This colour isn’t intense but it gives a lovely tone to the eyes.


I am not great with eyeliner. I cant get them to match and most of the time I end up with one that I dont like but have to make the second the same for them to match. DiorShow Pro Liner is much easier to control as it is a crayon like texture and glides on well without becoming out of control.


If you need an new eye brow pencil or thought about changing yours then please try this – DiorShow Brow Styler. Well I might regret saying that as this used to be really hard to come by as it was so popular and I never want to see a day with out it again. It is perfect to avoid that too thick brow – you know the one, the one that you do by mistake and then can’t get rid of, and its all you see in the mirror. One end of this has a thin pencil like lead and the other has a brush. I was told by the regional make up artist at Dior to brush your eye brows up the way before filling them out and bringing the hairs back down. This gives a lovely natural hightened look.


To finish of a natural look you need something that enhances your natural beauty. I go for the Lip Maximizer from Dior Backstage.


All of these together or some mixed and matched make a great natural dewy look that I go with everyday. Let me know if you have tried any products that are similar. I am always looking to find any new products however if you havent tried Dior yet, please give it a try they have opened my eyes to flawless yet natural makeup.

Love Always Hollie x

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