Wine, Dine and Sunshine at Harvey Nichols



I would like to apologise at the opening of this post for the fact that I can’t seem to be able to remember to take a photo of my main course at any meal as I get too excited.

That said I did get some great photos to show off the great summer menu at Harvey Nichols.

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To start you get the chosen cocktail of a Martini Royale! Which as you can see from the photo below looks great and it tastes even better.IMG_2149

To start I chose the Ratatouille Tart with Halloumi and Pesto. I love halloumi so this wasn’t a hard choice.


I apologise again for there not being a picture of the main course. I had the chicken and got a side of potatoes. I also tried the courgette side and it was amazing! I wouldn’t call myself a courgette fan usually but when it is cooked with chilli and cheese you can not say no!

For the dessert I chose the cookie which has now changed to tiramisu (I’ll explain why I know that in a moment) it was great and that mini milk bottle had only what I can call melted chocolate ice cream in it! Yum!



So the explanation for knowing that the dessert has changed is that I confess I have been twice Рand yes I forgot to take a picture of my main course the second time too. One day I will post about my meal and I will have all three courses for you to see!

On my second visit I had the same starter but I went for the spelt risotto main course which was equally as nice as the chicken. The sea bass looked beautiful too. When the change of the dessert from the Cookie to tiramisu I opted for the cheese as I don’t like coffee very much. The cheese was lovely, great selection and the oatcakes were like digestives almost!

The food was great and the service was brilliant as usual so please if you get a change it is well worth the money and the experience.

Love always

Hollie x

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