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I got the opportunity to work in London last week – which I will be writing a few blogs on what I got up to outside of work but the biggest and best highlight was the chance to see my longest standing best friend – my second cousin, born 2 months apart we have never known life without each other. We had to decide on where to go for food. I decided that Annie was the one to choose see as she lives there I left it in her trusted hands. If i remember correctly (it was a few weeks ago, I like to plan in advance – I love to read a menu for a restaurant lots before I go) Annie’s words were “I’ll make reservations”

Well I had built myself up to this – remember I had been on a train for 4 and a half hours and it was 32 degrees. I needed a glass of wine and yummy food!

You can’t fault the service in The Ivy, a door man is always a win and a warm welcome adds to the experience too.IMG_1839

I would like to take this opportunity to apologies on behalf of Annie and myself for the time it took us to decide what to eat. We hadn’t seen each other in months so we spoke for a good 15/20 minutes before deciding! So sorry to the waitress and thank you for your patience.

So I must get on to telling you about the food. Yum. That’t it in a word! Yum!

I had the beetroot with goats cheese, mint and walnuts. It was beautifully plated, delicious and it wasn’t small.IMG_1852

For the main I had the pea and zucchini risotto. – I think the picture says it all! Yum.



Love always

Hollie x


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